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Personal Tax E-Filing with ClearTax

1. The least demanding alternative for first-time e-filers.

2. The ClearTax stage consequently recognizes the ITR you have to record based on your pay sources.

3. Transfer your Form 16, and ClearTax auto-readies your personal government form.

4. You can record your arrival legitimately from ClearTax without signing into the personal expense site.

5. Valuable tips to assist you with topping off the data.


What is E Filing?

E-documenting or electronic recording is presenting your personal assessment forms on the web. There are two different ways to record your annual assessment forms. The conventional way is the disconnected way, where you go the Income Tax Department's office to genuinely document your profits. The other way is the point at which you e-record through the web. In the course of recent years, e-recording has become famous on the grounds that it is simpler, doesn't require prints of archives, and should be possible for nothing!


Am I Required to File Income Tax Returns?

It is required to document personal government forms in India if any of the underneath conditions are pertinent to you (according to the Income Tax Act):

Procure net yearly salary more than-

Points of interest     Amount

For people beneath 60 years     Rs 2.5 Lakhs

For people over 60 years however underneath 80 years     Rs 3.0 Lakhs

For people over 80 years     Rs 5.0 Lakhs

Acquire pay other than pay like house property, and so on.

Need to guarantee personal assessment discount from the office.

Acquire from or have put resources into remote resources.

Wish to apply for visa or credit applications.

Organization or a firm, independent of benefit or misfortune.